Light Lumini Gemis 120R1 Aqua & Lumini Smart Controler

Light Lumini Gemis 120R1 Aqua & Lumini Smart Controler
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Aquarium Light Lumini Gemis Aqua & Lumini Smart Controler

> Light Lumini Gemis Aqua

Gemis 120R1 supply suitable environment marine tank & fresh tank, with the Sunrise, Sunset, moonlight, thunderstorm etc.

Effect is 3 times than other coral light.  All the facts have proven that Gemis 120R1 is best  choice.

Use the newest and popular technology DMX & PMW control way. 2-4 channels, each channel can dimmer & timer, with 2.4 G WIFI wireless control Intelligent & Multiplew light in automatic conditi-Join technology,  let your coral tank groon.

Tech Specs

Actual power draw: 120 watts
0.6 amps @ 220V; 1.2 amps @ 110V
Power Factor(PF): > 0.96
Light Body & Lampshape: Aluminum Alloy and PMMA
Working Humidity: 0 to 60 %
Working Temp.: -35 ºC to +55 ºC


Length: 16.4"
Width: 6.2"
Height: 1.81"
Weight: 4.8 lb


9 x Cool White LEDs run at 3 w each
9 x Blue run at 3 weach
9 x Warm White run at 3 w each
1 x Red run at 3 w each
2 x UV run at 3 w each
1 x Green run at 3 w each
2 x Royal Blue run at 3 w each
Wave length: 440-450 nm & 450-460 nm & 5000-10000 K & 630 nm &
410 nm & 515 nm & 455 nm

> Lumini Smart Controler

Lumini LED program supply user to automate the operation of your intellect lighting module to perform everything from basis ON/OFF timer functions is variety of coral reef light simulations.

Tech Specs

Working Humidity: 0 to 60%
Working Temp.: -35ºC  to  + 55ºC

Length:  3.5"
Width:  3.5"
Height:  1.1"
Weight:  0.6 lb

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