Aquarium Fluval Osaka 320 System 84.5 gallons

Aquarium Fluval Osaka 320 System 84.5 gallons
Product Code: AQFO84.5
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Price: $1,219.99

Classic, clean lines are prevalent in this masterfully crafted aquarium system.

The open top design allows complete penetration of the full spectrum of light, allowing live plants to thrive and live fish to show their best color.

The hanging light is out of the way, allowing full access to the aquarium for maintenance, and if more space is needed the light easily lifts off of its hanger.

This stunning 84.5 gallon aquarium system comes complete with:

  • The seamless bent glass aquarium
  • Wood grain stand
  • Fluval 406 canister filter
  • Fluval Tronic 300 watt heater
  • 48" GLO T5 HO Double Light System
  • 2 - 54 watt Life GLO T5 HO Fluorescent Bulbs
  • 4 oz AquaPlus Conditioner
  • 4 oz Cycle
  • 2.12 oz Nutrafin Max flake food


Aquarium: L 47" x W 18" x H 25"
Stand: L 51" x W 19" x H 28"

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